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Matt Hancock & The National Health Gestapo

Matt Hancock, UK Health Secretary and Eugenicist-In-Chief today announced plans for a National Health Gestapo.

His latest bizarre announcement follows a tirade of insane measures to tackle the albeit negligible risk of SARS-COV-2.

Hancock has established an effective secret police in the form of the UK Health Security Agency.

Their goals? Why not ask them. The newly established mechanism states:

“ The UK has a global reputation for leadership in health protection science and research and for the quality of our health protection services. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the country has been facing its greatest health protection challenge for decades. Our response has been built on the world-class public health expertise of Public Health England (PHE). Scientists at PHE were among the first in the world to fully sequence the novel coronavirus viral genome, and we have been able to use our national sequencing capability to detect cases and inform the most appropriate public health action.”

Global leading fascism indeed.

And how does one go about achieving said goals? Well follow the blueprint.

The U.K. government states that:

“We anticipate that UKHSA will undertake functions in 5 core areas:

1. Prevent - Anticipating and taking action to mitigate infectious diseases and other hazards to health before they materialise, for example through vaccination and influencing behaviour.

2. Detect - Detecting and monitoring infectious diseases and other hazards to health, including novel diseases, new environmental hazards, and other threats though world class health surveillance, joined-up data, horizon scanning and early warning systems.

3. Analyse - Analysing infectious disease and other hazards to health to determine how best to control and respond to them, through coordinated and intelligent data analysis, modelling, and evaluation of interventions based on robust evidence and developing the knowledge base.

4. Respond - Taking action to mitigate and resolve infectious diseases and hazards to health when they occur, through direct delivery, supporting health protection system partners with tools and advice, engaging with citizens, and flexibly deploying resources, including scaling operations at pace.

5. Lead - Providing health protection system leadership, working in partnership with wider central government, the devolved administrations and public health agencies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, local authorities, the NHS, academia and industry to provide effective preparation and response to the full range of threats to health and strengthening the health protection system and workforce.

UKHSA will co-ordinate across the UK, building strong collaborations with public health agencies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and will operate internationally for the UK to help understand, prevent and respond to global threats to health.

UKHSA will encompass existing UK-wide activities, including operational agreements supporting pandemic management, the whole-UK role of the new Joint Biosecurity Centre as a shared intelligence resource, and a wide range of domestic collaborative activity to pool expertise and co-ordinate responses.” I’ll translate that for you.

1. Question 2. Test 3. Diagnose 4. Vaccinate 5. Ban from society

Why do we need a government quango to dictate to us the risks of Coronavirus?

Like many of you I never saw this in the Conservative party manifesto in 2019.

I didn’t vote for this and neither did you.

We are undergoing an orchestrated take over of civil liberties. If you don’t speak out and resist now you will never be free. Wake up and say no.

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