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Pale White Male Fired. Diversity Hired

Like many of you, when I tune into Good Morning Britain hosted by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, the immediate thing that springs to mind is the lack of diversity.

Oh no wait, because that would constitute woke conspiratorial quackery.

After receiving 41,000 OfCom complaints regarding Morgan’s campaign against ‘The California Megster’, the host of the popular morning drama show has been seemingly forced out.

Speaking outside his home in Kensington, Piers defended himself by saying that he believes in freedom of speech, even if he’s blocked you on Twitter.

Conversations between ITV and Piers alleged that ‘The Calirfornia Megster’ demanded an apology from Piers which was wholly and rightly refused.

The Diversity Hire

After ITV’s share price shed over two hundred million pounds they quickly adopted an anti-monarchy member of the wokerati.

Not short of substitutes ITV made the decision to diversify their panel by hiring Ranvir Singh as the co presenter of GMB.

Singh, of Strictly Come Dancing fame, whatever that is, was quick to orchestrate a monarchy pile on.

Singh was quick to adopt the GMB party line of ‘Fuck The Monarchy.’ In a bizarre rant she went on to question the value and contribution of Her Majesty.

She states:

"I think this Oprah interview has certainly lifted the lid on the fact we are paying millions of pounds to essentially a facade.”

We pay for what it all looks like and actually on the inside, they are all rattling around deeply dysfunctional and deeply unhappy."Do we really want that to represent our country anymore? Paying millions of pounds to who? What has The Queen ever done for me? The Queen is the stalwart of our monarchy, don’t believe me? Go and stand outside Buckingham Palace any day of the week. Tourism is worth £106 BILLION a year to England alone and employs 2.6 million people. That’s more of a contribution than Ranvir will ever make.

The fact of the matter is that The Queen, whether you like her or loathe her, she contributes more to the UK than ‘The Megster’ ever will do or has ever done. Piers Morgan was right in his campaign against ‘The Megster’ and as much as I disagree with the man on many issues, ITV will suffer from his resignation.

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