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Papers Please. No Vaccine. No Food.

When speaking to LBC recently Dominic Raab shot him self in the foot after the Conservative party have claimed repeatedly that vaccine passports will not be used.

The host questions of Raab, Secretary of State:

“What’s though to stop a company in this country demanding to see a vaccine passport?”

Raab responds nonchalantly saying “Well it is something that hasn’t been ruled and is under consideration.”

Remember when mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports were reserved for the conspiracy theorists.

As one castigated as one, I do.

Well Raab is just an outlier speaking away from the party line right? Wrong.

The Minister of Vaccination, Nadhim Zahawi, when questioned by Andrew Marr of The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation.

Marr “Are vaccine passports specifically for people to be allowed to come and go from the UK being planned?”

Zahawi “No we’re not, vaccines are not mandated in this country as Boris Johnson has outlined”

So what’s changed?

We are being governed by U-Turns and one has to develop a suspicion of duplicitous liars who continue to make about turns on government policy.

It isn’t the government’s role to say who can and cannot enter a supermarket or travel abroad for that matter.

I don’t recall casting a vote for Chris Whitty or Patrick Vallance at the general election.

Did you?

Pay attention to what they say and remember it. Take note. You are being lied to by duplicitous politicians and unelected scientists. The technocrats are dictating your daily life.

Yesterday they said we wouldn’t need passports. Today they do.

Decide for yourselves.

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