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Sarah Everard & The Incompetence Of Sadiq Khan

Not one to engage in race baiting wokery, but why did it take the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Metropolitan Police officer to identify the incompetence of The Met and Sadiq Khan?

The 33 year old woman went missing 7 days ago. Since then a serving diplomatic protection officer has been arrested and charged after the discovery of human remains in Kent. I’m a Londoner. I love my home city but under Sadiq Khan and Cressida Dick, my home city has been turned into a blood shed shit hole. Khan and Dick have repeatedly failed to address the issue of violent crime and murder in in London and therefore have no excuses as to why Everard was murdered. Ultimately the blood is on their hands. For the sixth consecutive year over 100 people were murdered in London. Most of the victims were BAME. Where was the outrage when 123 people were murdered last year? The silence is golden. What do we do? According to Green Party Baroness Jenny Jones we should introduce a 6PM curfew for men to ’make women much safer.’ I’ll see your curfew and raise you. Replace our incompetent mayor. A proper mayor would ensure that the metropolitan police enforce crime properly. They need to stop focussing on thought crime and focus on actual crime. Police our streets. Not our Tweets Cressida. Sadiq Khan has no where to hide. His attempts to blame the conservatives have been laid bare enumerate times in the GLA Conservative ‘The Cost Of Khan’ reports.

On Sadiq Khan's watch

  • Violent crime has rocketed with knife crime increasing by 52%, burglary by 37% and robbery by 59%. The Mayor's response has been to avoid responsibility and blame others for his failure to get a grip of the crisis.

  • As violent crime has spiralled out of control on Khan's watch, the Mayor has repeatedly pleaded poverty instead of using his £18.5 billion budget to put more bobbies on the beat. Sadiq Khan has rejected our plan to pay for an extra 1,378 police officers to keep London safe.

Let’s be clear that Sadiq Khan has presided over a city of violent crime and blood shed. He is not fit to be the mayor of this once great city. My thoughts and prayers are with Everard‘s family.

My vote is not with Sadiq.

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