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The Great Carbon Reset

Former libertarian, current boil-in-the bag PM Alexander Pfeffel Johnson is once again ramming a green agenda down everyone’s neck.

This week the government enshrined in law a new target to slash carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. The move is the government’s sixth expansionary carbon budget with this latest incorporating the U.K’s share of international aviation and shipping emissions.

So that’s it. No more travel for the peasants. But if you’re mates with Bill Gates, who at the beginning of this year tendered a £3 billion bid alongside Blackrock for private jet firm Signature Aviation, you might still be alright.

Boris ‘The Environmentalist-In-Chief’ said of the bill:

We want to continue to raise the bar on tackling climate change, and that’s why we’re setting the most ambitious target to cut emissions in the world.

We want to see world leaders follow our lead and match our ambition in the run up to the crucial climate summit COP26, as we will only build back greener and protect our planet if we come together to take action

The U.K. is not a highly polluting country.Clearly no ones told Boris or Princess Nut Nut has been whispering in his ear again. In fact we are no where near the worst. So let’s look at the stats.

As of 2020 the U.K. accounted for 1.1% of global carbon emissions and in the last decade domestic carbon emissions have fallen by 29%.

We’ve been so good at cutting carbon emissions that the independent ‘Climate Change Performance Index’ ranks the U.K. 5th in the world of 57 countries leaving us sandwiched between the wind farm hippies Denmark and Sweden. A valiant effort.

Well no, not for Boris the free marketeer and avowed liberal. He insists more intervention, more regulation, more restrictions and all round ruining of you life is required.

We’re All In It Together

People aren’t stupid. Boris Johnson saying “he wants to see world leaders follow our lead” is all well and good but when you look the targets they’re all over the place. Wish-washy language like ‘plan’ and ‘hope’ often used and China for some reason being granted an extension to 2060 makes it all seem like some sort of sick joke.

Take India for example, one of the largest polluters in the world, it pumps out 9.7% of global carbon emissions. They have a ‘plan’ to reduce emissions by 30%. This would still leave them a polluter six times that of the U.K. on our current 1.1%.

A 30% reduction would be an incredible achievement for a developing country that managed to quadruple domestic carbon emissions from 0.4 Tonnes in the 90’s to 1.9 Tonnes today. Call me a naysayer but it ain’t gonna happen.

And then there’s China. Trustworthy. Transparent. Honest. All the words no sane person would ever associate with the communist cover upperers.

China, true to form, is making up their own rules. They have been gracious enough to grant themselves a ten year extension beyond the COP26 target of carbon neutrality by 2050. China has until 2060.

Again it would be impressive if China achieved their goal but as with all communists you can’t trust a word that they say. And I’ll explain why.

President Xi Jinping, a man who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw a sack of coal, seems to say one thing and do another. Whilst making a pledge to make China carbon neutral, China’s coal-fired heat capacity rose last year by 28.8GW compared to a global average cut of 17.2GW.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in a further effort to reduce carbon emissions Xi Jinping has commissioned a further 88.1GW of coal-fired capacity bringing the total currently under construction to 247GW. I’m no expert but this doesn’t equate to creating a green economy.

To put these figures in perspective the U.K. has 4.52GW of coal-fired capacity. And unlike China, we’re making progress in reducing our dependence on coal. 2020 was a record year for clean energy. In 2020 the U.K. was powered coal free for 5,147 hours compared with 3,866 hours in 2019, 1,856 hours in 2018 and 624 hours in 2017.

The fact of the matter is the U.K. is making progress. On paper we are a green country. Independent organisations rank us so. Why is the government setting moronic targets to create a green communist state when our international ‘partners’ are doing quite the opposite.

Take the United States. Although the Biden administration plans to curtail the fracking industry, he is only doing so after the industry generated enough energy to keep the lights on for 200 years. We should be fracking to secure our own energy needs.

Boris Johnson and the eco-imperialists have foisted a green new deal on the public that nobody voted for. The term ‘Build Back Greener’ has started to slip off the tongues of the duplicitous weasels that lead us.

Of course they wouldn’t lie to us would they? No. Never. Boris has promised us that:

“The government will look to maintain this reduction whilst maintaining freedom of choice including diet”

If the handling of the Covid pandemic has done one thing; it has further cemented my distrust in politicians promises. We’ve seen daily changes in rules and regulations and I see the same being duplicated with the green new deal.

On the subject of diet Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng remarked that he might go vegan to achieve his target and the is comes alongside advise to reduce meat and dairy consumption by a fifth.

‘The Great Vegan Reset’ can get stuffed. I’m on a carnivore diet and if you think I’m going to stop eating steak so a Chinaman can, you’re deluded.

Even if I agreed with the international co-ordinated carbon cuts, the plan is entirely unworkable: The U.K. is getting shafted by countries like China and India. The U.K. is a clean energy country and yes we should invest in green technologies but to create an environment of climate alarmism is petulant.

I like driving a car. I like being on a plane. I like eating steak. If you want to live on a commune eating lentils go for it. However, I refuse to be coerced by these technocratic tosspots.

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