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The Pervasiveness of Pride

The cultural marxist freight train continues as British based supermarket chain Marks & Spencers launches a new sandwich, in which a statement made public is a “support for Pride”. The Sandwich in question The LGBT(Lettuce, Guacamole, bacon and tomato). The sandwich is named after the acronym Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgender.

Or Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transphobic as I like to call it.

Marks and Spencers made a public statement saying “M&S Food is celebrating Pride season this year LGBT+ sandwich - a twist on the traditional BLT”. The statement itself creates myriad issues in itself. It is called an LGBT then you use the term LGBT+. A classic tenet of cultural marxism is seemingly being a bit iffy when it comes to defining the terms they so readily have in their vernacular.

Confused? Don’t worry - so are they!

The sandwich is somewhat exclusionary of Muslims by means of the inclusion of bacon. A product that is deemed to be haram in Islam. Not very inclusive if you ask me.

The problem with transgender labelling isn’t limited to our high end outlets in the UK. It seems that Equality and Diversity Directors (Something I would label a ‘Bullshit Job’) have weaseled their way into other supermarket chains.

We have seen more of the same insanity at The CO-OP. They recently announced that they are launching a gender neutral ‘Gingerbread Person.’

I personally prefer the term ‘Gender Bread.’

Gingerbread Men are a personal favourite of mine and I have indulged in many a ‘relationship’ with such ‘persons’.

As a straight, heterosexual white male as child, I enjoyed the company of Gingerbread Men. No one thought anything of it. It never even crossed my mind that I had a perverse attraction to the gender of a... biscuit.

If you think the problem is limited to food products. Again. You’re wrong. I live in London and I use Boris Bikes to cycle from my Marylebone home to my co working space in Mayfair. A few years back as a support for ‘Pride’ rainbows began to appear on the side of bicycles. I was unfortunately left once at my nearest stand on Bryanston Street, faced with one lone bicycle. Adorned with a rainbow. I walked.

Let’s get serious here. I don’t want people to get the wrong impression. I have lived in shared houses with Gay Men. I have Gay friends. I think people should be allowed to express themselves privately in any which way they please. But I think that the way in which society is being so accommodative of LGBTQ+ individuals is getting to the point of lunacy.

The Cultural Marxists are on a mission to affect a policy of “Product Purchase Apartheid”. Owning themselves again with the divisiveness that only serves as a breeding ground for feud.

Peter Hitchens, prominent UK author and ‘Mail On Sunday’ contributor. Last year penned an article titled “It starts with screeching lefties calling us Nazis...It ends in a police state”.

He is right to identify the historic repetitive pattern of what may seem like a small change initially which then ultimately leads to a totalitarian state.

Think about the Soviet Union’s taking over of the term ‘Kulak’ - once an affluent Ukranian peasant then re-defined by the Joseph Stalin as anyone who wouldn’t hand over their cows and land to the Communist State.

For the U.S audience you will know of a certain man - Piers Morgan. One time CNN bungler and ex GMB stormer-offerer. A man of whom I have developed a certain respect for. For his outspoken support of the Brexit vote (even though he voted to remain) but mainly for his speechlessness when faced with someone who identified as an ‘Elf’.

The term LGBTQ+ now seems liberal. We are now faced with ‘Trans-Species’. What next? ‘Trans-Species +.’

Jordan Peterson as you will remember was ostracized by the left and created a cultural and political firestorm that has led to him achieving cult like status, only previously afforded by the late great Christopher Hitchens. He did so in his refusal to be compelled to use gender neutral pronouns like ‘ze’ or ‘zir’. He did however, agree to use them if he was asked to do so - something the marxists often forget.

He was the victim of a witch hunt by the left and was grilled, famously by Kathy Newman, as to why he felt that he had the right to not use made up words when compelled him to. Key word. Compelled.

He made his initial comments in 2016. Fast forward to 2019 and what has happened? On the 8th of April the ‘Human Life International’ - a human rights tribunal in Canada, a definition I feel besmirches the good name of ‘The Hague’. Ruled that Bill Whatcott, a Christian Activist has to pay $55,000 to a politician because he referred to him as a, wait for it, ‘Biological male’. The politician, a certain Morgane Oger is someone who has recently transitioned from a man to a woman. The judge stated that Oger must be compensated for defamation of character quoting an injury to “dignity, feelings and self respect”.

Think it can’t get any worse? You’re wrong.

Here’s where the totalitarianism comes into play. The judge did not allow Whatcotts Lawyer to offer a defense on Oger being a ‘Biological Male’. The type of kangaroo court proceedings worthy of a Tommy Robinson charge.

This is where it begins. The pervasiveness of culture. The re-definition of terminology. The divisenessness that leads to populism. Then one night. You’ll be left with one thing. Broken Glass.

It doesn’t end well.

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