• Samuel J Jack

The Variant Scam.

As Boris Johnson recently outlined a plan to free the United Kingdom from the shackles of a year of house arrest, objections have began to emerge from his own cabinet, most notably the health minister at large Matt Hancock.

Once again when we are given a whiff of freedom a new variant is discovered by Matt Hancock and ‘The Science.’ This time from Brazil.

Like many others I’m at the end of my tether. The British public unilaterally agree that this policy of constant lockdown is unjust partially because it is wholly unsustainable and predominantly because, unbeknown to many, the variant figures have been laid bare by The World Health Organisation.

The Variant Scam

As, like many of you, I’m often castigated as a ‘lockdown denier’, whatever that means I’m yet to discover. I’m categorically willing to admit that yes COVID exists and it is a threat to vulnerable people but the state’s reaction has been too far reaching.

The use of ‘a new variant narrative’ has been repeatedly used by coercive politicians to keep the public locked up like prisoners. The only problem is that The World Health Organisation happens to publish its own data on their website.

So let’s look at the statistics.

The World Health Organisation reported in February of last year on the topic of SARS-CoV-2 stating that they “Detected in total 65,776 variants with 5775 distinct variants.”

To put that in perspective there’s only 195 countries in the world so the government is going to be out of options shortly to name the never ending variants.

The government has repeatedly used the variant narrative to push further lockdowns and remove the civil liberties of citizens like you and I.

What’s to say this variant coercion will not continue? They have tens of thousands of variants to play with. Do you believe that this will stop with Brazil? I don’t.

The repeated rhetoric of ministers and ‘The Science’ has been exhausted. The British public, despite what You Gov might tell you, are fed up of being told what they can and cannot do by the state.

Let’s be clear, the variant scam cannot continue. The deluded attempts by Hancock et al to hoodwink the British public and perpetually dangle freedom in front of our noses will not continue.

Open up or face the wrath at the ballot box, Sir.


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